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Attitudes & Culture

Barcelona’s inhabitants are proud of their city and this is reflected in the experience they offer the visitor. There is culture in abundance and this they want to share with tourists. Their architecture by Gaudi is unique and celebrated throughout the city. The buildings he designed, other than the Sagrada Familia , have been looked after and many are open to visitors.

In Barcelona the regional language of Catalonian is used alongside the official Spanish language. The people of Barcelona are proud to be Catalonian as well as Spanish.

Like many tourist cities, crime is a problem in parts of Barcelona. The Ramblas area has a reputation for crime against tourists after dark.

English Catalan Welsh
Hello Hola Helo
Goodbye Adéu Hwyl
Good morning Bon dia Bore da
Good evening Bona tarda Noswaith dda
Please Si us plau Os gwelwch yn dda
Thank you Gràciès Diolch

Activity 12

Drag and Drop answers to correct location to identify the correct word or phrase.

Activity 13 (Summary Activity)

From what you have discovered about Barcelona write a brief press release on the destination to inform people why they should visit.

Use some of the following words and phrases to help you make your report:

Mediterranean, Short Break, Montjuic, Girona, Montserrat Sitges, Tipidabo, Nou Camp, Panoramic, Tourist Bus, Tourist Information Centre, Festa, Gaudi, Picasso, Walking tours, Sagrada Familia, El Prat, Reus, Port Aventura, Montserrat