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Culture & Heritage

Barcelona has been famous for many things: the genius of architect Gaudi, and the artist Picasso has attracted thousands of visitors over the years to see their works.

As well as famous people contributing to Barcelona’s culture and heritage a series of cultural and musical events are held throughout the year and demonstrate Barcelona’s wealth of heritage and culture.

For example, in June Barcelona celebrates Trobada Castellera where tourists and locals can watch displays of human tower building. A Flamenco Dancing Festival is held during the last two weeks of June. There are many more such cultural events available throughout the year.

Activity 7

Gaudi’s work has greatly influenced the face of Barcelona architecture and you will see his work all over the city. Antoni Gaudi was born in Reus in 1852 and received his Architectural degree in 1878. Gaudi's work was greatly influenced by forms of nature and this is reflected by the use of curved construction stones. Gaudi also adorned many of his buildings with coloured tiles arranged in mosaic patterns. The combination of original design, interesting shaped stonework, and vibrant colours in Gaudi's work give the viewer a truly breathtaking visual experience. Gaudi's work included:. Sagrada Familia - giant temple, probably Gaudi's greatest works and is the most visited attraction in Barcelona. Park Guell - magical park with amazing buildings, sculptures, and tile work designed by Gaudi. You will also find Gaudi's old home in Park Guell which is now open to the public as a small museum.

Use the information in the box above to identify which of the statements below are true or false about Gaudi