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Events & Entertainment

There is always something happening in Barcelona. Be it a music, art, theatre or cinema festival of some kind you will find it going on in this vibrant city.

Each area of the city has its own local celebration, the Festa Major. The main one is Barcelona is the Merce in September. This is the best place to see Catalan folk traditions, including human castles - a group of people all working together to make a human tower, giants – figures made from wood and paper maché each supported by a person peeping out through a mesh in the skirts, fatheads, pyromanias as well as concerts and street parties.

There is always street entertainment found along Las Ramblas where tourists can watch street artists who might be painting, miming, juggling and much more.

The best place for finding out what’s going on is the city’s tourist offices or the city’s cultural information office in the Palau de la Virreina.


Use the website to compare the climate and click on the ‘What’s on in Barcelona link.

Find an event that the following groups of tourists form the UK would enjoy.

Tourist Type Event details Dates
A group who enjoy Jazz music
Young people who enjoy sporting events
A couple who enjoy attending religious festivals
Two young couples who enjoy dance


Research details of five religious festivals which are held in Barcelona during the year.