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Impact of Tourism

Barcelona has benefited greatly from hosting the Olympic Games in 1992. The Olympic Games changed the image of the city and led to its development as a tourist destination. Before the Olympics, Barcelona relied on manufacturing and port-based industries that were in decline.

Hosting the Olympics meant that there was investment in developing the coastal areas and port, as well as building new roads and constructing sports and cultural facilities. All of this new ‘infrastructure’ could be used by the tourism industry after the Olympics were over.

Barcelona is seen as the best example of how a city can use the Olympic Games to develop a tourism industry. The world-wide exposure on television the city had during the Games, promoted Barcelona to millions of people who were looking for a new destination to discover. At the same time, budget airlines were developing new routes and saw Barcelona as a good destination for the growing short-breaks market.

Amongst the main positive impacts of tourism since the Olympic Games of 1992 have been:

  1. Reduced rates of unemployment, with many new jobs available.
  2. New road systems making it easier to move around the city.
  3. Many new sports facilities which can be used by the local population.
  4. New conference facilities, promoting business tourism to the city. (About half the visitors to Barcelona are on business)
  5. The opportunity for Catalonians (inhabitants of Barcelona) to have pride in their city and region.
  6. Restoration of some of the main buildings, such as the cathedral.

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