North Wales

Natural Attractions

Barcelona is situated on the Mediterranean coast with beaches and other features found outside of the city centre. Within the city are the hills of Montjuic and Tipidabo. These give fantastic panoramic views across the city. However, it is not really the natural attractions of Barcelona that appeal to visitors. It is more likely to be the built attractions and culture that appeal to visitors. Some of these attractions are found within the natural attractions.

The Cathedral and funfair together with the magnificent panoramic views attract many visitors to Tipidabo.

Tourists can choose to take excursions from the city to the spectacular peaks of the mountains of Monserrat. This mountain range has rugged scenery and can be reached by a new funicular railway. The monastery at Monserrat attracts many visitors, although this is not a natural attraction.

A few kilometres outside of Barcelona there are some excellent beaches such as those at Sitges, which is 40 kilometres to the south of Barcelona, easily accessible by road or rail.

Activity 3

Complete the following sentences. Drag the correct word from the table and drop it into the appropriate blank space


Research the methods and availability of transport used to reach Sitges and or Monserrat from Barcelona