Grand Cayman

Introduction/Teachers Notes

Grand Cayman is an island destination in the Caribbean Sea which relies heavily on tourism.

Grand Cayman is the largest of the three islands which make up the Cayman Islands. The others are Cayman Brac and Little Cayman. The largest industry on the islands is financial services, and the Cayman Islands provide off-shore services to many commercial organisations. After banking tourism is the largest industry

The Islands are a British Territory and are served by direct flights from the UK, operated by British Airways. Recent developments have included a link-up between Virgin Atlantic and Caymans Airways, which provide an additional 4,500 seats per week to the islands.

The island of Grand Cayman is very much a maturing destination, which is now beginning to offer a wider range of tourist activities, and a number of ecotourism projects have been initiated in recent years.

This resource is primarily designed as a coastal destination case study for GCSE Leisure and Tourism. However, by undertaking research and additional study, it could be used by AS and A2 Travel and Tourism students.

There are three websites which students and teachers should find particularly useful:

The official Caymans Islands Department of Tourism site is

Information about the Cayman Islands can also be found at

The travel section contains information about the history, geography and culture of the destination.

One of the most prestigious hotels on Grand Cayman is The Ritz Carlton which offers high quality accommodation and is involved in a number of environmental initiatives on Grand Cayman. The link is: