Working with a selection of adverts consider the following questions for each advert:

  • Identify two features of the advert and explain how they are typical of print advertising.
  • How have the visual images in the advert been used to promote the products?
  • How have words and phrases been used to persuade the viewer?
  • Explain how lettering or graphics are used in the adverts.
  • Explain how people are represented in the advert. Comment on body language and dress codes. Are there recognisable types or stereotypes?
  • How has the layout of the advert been used to draw the attention of an audience?
  • Identify three typical features of the adverts. Explain the purpose of each feature.
  • Suggest a target audience for the advert. Explain the reasons for your choice.
  • Suggest two features of one advert that create audience appeal. Explain your choices.
  • Explain how an audience might respond to the advert.
  • Give two reasons why print adverts are an important part of an advertising campaign.
  • Give two reasons why advertisers also use the internet to promote their products.
  • Think of a successful marketing campaign. Explain the reasons why, in your opinion, the campaign was successful.
These wider questions will help students to prepare for the exam paper, where they have to draw on their knowledge and understanding of the topic area and link to examples they have studied in class or researched.

Wider questions linked to own examples

  • As well as television adverts suggest two ways in which advertisers compete for audiences. Explain by using your own examples.
  • Suggest two ways in which the development of new technologies and social media have changed advertising.
  • For big brand retailers, what are the advantages of using new technologies and social media to attract audiences?
    • Show your knowledge and understanding of advertising and marketing.
    • Use media terminology.
    • Include detailed references to your own classroom examples.
    • Organise your response clearly.