Transferring skills and applying knowledge: Analysing TV adverts can help prepare students for Section B of the exam paper as well as consolidating understanding of advertising campaigns. Notes should be taken when studying Dior advert. Still images can aid with the key points.

Points to be covered include the use of colour/font/style to create the brand identity as well as the use of current and past stars. Attention should also be paid to target audience, structure and storytelling. [links to earlier learning]

How does the TV advert for Dior create appeal?

Printable classroom resources available can be used in conjunction with the slides. Annotation of the slides can aid with the understanding of technical codes and storyboarding. Use of colour is interesting in its connotations/associations plus the link to the actual bottle. Charlize Theron is essentially the personification of the perfume – golden hue of her skin/the close up of her neck and the necklace/the silhouette of her body and so on. It can be considered a textbook perfume advert and so is useful in preparing students for storyboarding an advert.

Note-taking skills

Watch the advert and make notes on:

  • audio and visual codes
  • the setting
  • the situation/narrative

In the advert

Suggest reasons why Hollywood stars present and past have been used. What do they add to the image of the brand and this product?
In what ways has the star been linked to the product? Consider colour, dress, shapes.
Identify how the colour used throughout the advert links to the product. What associations does the French name have?

Summarise the meaning of the advert using the 30 word grid

In pairs ask students to synthesise their notes and to prioritise the most important elements, incorporating key words and linking the brand to the star and the image to the audience. Pairing allows for justification, explanation and consensus. [30 word grid]

Cross-platform presence

Over 10 million people have watched the advert on YouTube. An exploration of the official website, where the advert is also featured, allows for the development of pupils’ understanding of the importance of an online presence in 21st century advertising. A prompt sheet of questions can focus students’ exploration.
Click here to launch website in a new window
How is branding achieved?
Comment on the fonts used.
How is the target audience addressed?
What interactive features are there?
What do the typical website features – links, hyperlinks, navigation bars, menus, hotspots, etc. – add to the users’ experience of the brand?

The target audience

This creative activity can be used to emphasise how integral the audience is to the marketing strategies adopted.

Advertisers have a clear idea of who their target audience is and more importantly how members of that audience see themselves.

The Dior site describes their audience for j’adore as:

“She has an aura, a particular strength a particular radiance. Her strength and determination shine through the intensity of her movements. With an air of freedom, she leaves confidence and passion in her wake with utter serenity. She blossoms with sheer radiance. Such is the j’adore woman.”

Think back to the Dior advert. How is this vision shown in the advert?

Creative thinking:

  • Choose a brand you are familiar with and write an audience profile in a similar way.
  • Compare chosen brands in class.
  • How effectively have you captured the target audience?