TV adverts going viral – Shetland Pony Dance – Silly Stuff. It Matters [2013]

When advertisers intend for their ad to ‘go viral’, they place it online and encourage viewers to share it with their friends. These type of ads started as underground trends advertising cult products, but big brand advertisers now also take advantage of the potential market online. Viral ads need to be funny, cool, surprising or quirky in order for users to forward or share it. Advertisers also pay for slots on social networking sites and YouTube.

Follow-up and research Successful viral campaigns strategy:

These examples can be given to groups to research further or just to consolidate understanding of on-line marketing.

Other successful campaigns


After its first TV spot in 2007, ‘Cadbury’s Gorilla’ ad was uploaded to YouTube as part of a digital platform strategy. It went viral and has since been seen by millions globally. The ‘Cadbury’s Eyebrows’ ad was a successful follow-up.

Nike Football

‘The Last Game’ was placed online during the World Cup. It has since received over 54 million views.

Evian – The inner child that keeps on giving

Evian's campaign The inner child that keeps on giving featured the video ‘Baby & Me’ shown here. Another advert from the campaign, ‘Roller Babies’, earned a spot in the Guinness World Records as the most viewed online advert ever.