Ask the students to list the reasons storyboards are important to media production companies. The prior study and analysis of existing TV adverts will help inform students of the key features to include in their own designs.

Creating a storyboard for TV adverts

What is a storyboard? Why are they important to media production companies?

  • Media companies spend a lot of money producing television adverts.
  • Storyboarding is a part of this process.
  • They’re used to outline a story.
  • They break down an advert shot by shot.
  • They provide a visual reference for filming.
  • They allow for a review or a rethink of a concept.
Setting a creative planning task that demonstrates their knowledge and understanding of the key areas of the specification is a challenge. It provides an opportunity for students to make explicit their learning, while developing their planning and designing skills. Technologies can be low key. Storyboard templates – which provide space for students to add technical codes, indicate sound or transitions and to describe their ideas – can help focus their learning.

Creative planning: Storyboard

Plan a television advert for a new product aimed at young people.

  • Suggest a name for your product. Explain why you have chosen it.
  • Devise a suitable slogan. Explain how it creates appeal. Create storyboards for 6–8 frames of your advert.
  • Explain the ideas behind your advert.
  • Give two reasons why your advert will appeal to your target market.
  • Suggest where your advert will be placed. On which channels? At what time? During or in between which programmes?
  • How will you use the internet and new technologies to reach your target market?