Work out these calculations using your calculator, then turn it upside down to see what word the result has spelled. Type the word as the answer and press submit.


1 = I 2 = Z 3 = E 4 = H 5 = S 6 = G 7 = L 8 = B 9 = b 0 = O

Ignore decimal points in your answers.

It was the final of the  golf tournament.  was in second place with only one   to go.  bitter rival   had already finished, and had   possession of first place. The final   was a par 3. A   would mean that   was champion; a birdie would see   win. On the tee  ’s   were shaking like jelly and the club felt as slippery as an  . “Here   nothing”,   thought to himself, before striking the ball   and straight onto the green – a great shot! This year had been one     for  .   hated to  , but this year the feeling had become familiar;   had more   to   than he could remember. Today was  ’s final chance to   the critics and feel the   of victory. On reaching the green   tried not to notice the   of the crowd watching on. He could   that the ball was around 10 feet from the  , up a slight  . “  the day”,   thought, before putting the ball straight – and into the middle of the  ! Victory at last –   for  , and at last a dent to  ’s  !

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