Jumbled Paragraph


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Click on the 'edit text' button to copy and paste your chosen text into the activity. It is advisable to only choose one paragraph of text.

Click on the lock text button to set the text to be used.

Click on the 'Start activity' button.

This paragraph is jumbled up. Drag the sentences into your chosen order and press the check button to see if you were correct.

If you want to make it easier you can click on the 'Show text as lines' button.

Select the “Edit Text” button to edit this text. You will then be able to type in this box or copy any paste from another source. When you are happy with your text, select the “Start Activity” button. This will take you to the activity page where the sentences here will be jumbled. Sentences must end with a full stop, an exclamation mark or a question mark. Rearrange the sentences into the correct order.

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