Here are the evaluation phrases identified so far. How many more can you write in the right hand column before clicking on the 'phrase bank' button. Do any of these phrases match your own? Are any different? Add the extra ones in before printing.

Key evaluative terms used in exercise 1 Can you add any more?
It could be argued
The point is
We can attempt to establish
Although this was not
It can be seen
This, then, appears to be
It is also evident from
This was certainly
There is no doubt
However, at a closer look
This is the crucial
Some evaluative terms to help you
On the one hand…on the other hand It could be argued
Alternatively Therefore
Scholars such as ______ can be challenged The point is
We can attempt to establish Response
We can attempt to establish This was certainly
There is no doubt Although this was not
Overall It can be seen
In conclusion This, then, appears to be
We can conclude from this It is also evident from
The result of this is that However, at a closer look
A careful analysis reveals This is the crucial
It is not necessary to accept Ultimately, for (scholar) this is …
It can be claimed The argument can be further developed
In essence, what can be This would suggest
One contention with this is that One objection to this
One success of / failure with this argument is One of the strengths/weaknesses of this
It would be difficult to substantiate/support This line of reasoning
To redress this This appears a reasonable claim
This conclusion is unjustified/unsupported/weak There is nothing inherently wrong with
(Scholar) appears to be misguided/mistaken It would not be wise to argue/say
This is going too far / beyond what is presented This may not be typical
There may well be other reasons/explanations A fault with this argument/reasoning is
Although (scholar/evidence) suggests It may be more likely that