When planning views and arguments always make sure you have fully explained the evidence and indicated what the argument implies for evaluation. Use this activity in conjunction with the printable resource and fill in the table adding evidence and implications for each argument before using this resource to bring up suggested ideas for evidence and implication and comparing with your own.

Argument Evidence Implication
Muhammad lacked confidence
He thought there was something wrong with him
Muhammad could have resisted and been too afraid to deliver the message
His wife and close family and friends encouraged him
This suggests that he had the support for it to succeed
He was supported by God and trusted God
God was in control of the situation and it was not left solely to Muhammad
The revelation of the Qur’an was not complete
Muhammad’s revelations were ongoing and still would have happened
There was no suggestion of a failure in terms of revelations
The revelations in Makkah were relevant to the people of Makkah
Makkah was eventually under Muhammad’s control and so there was no suggestion of failure long-term
The people of Makkah only had a warning and were not told how to practice Islam
There was a danger that the practices of Islam would not be established
There was too much opposition to Muhammad’s message
There were negative reactions to Muhammad’s message from very powerful people due to the economic implications in rejecting idols
There was the potential for Islam to never have got going and just peter away due to the strong opposition
Muhammad and his followers were persecuted and nearly killed
Muhammad and his followers suffered insults, physical abuse and eventually Muhammad’s life was in danger
Again, due to the hostility and threat to the prophet, Islam could have been eradicated.