Film websites

Cross-platform marketing and convergence

It is advantageous that students can actually access and explore a website for a film on current release. The examples here can be used to show the features they need to note.
Is there clear branding? How is this created?
What interactive features are there?
How can users gain further information about the film?
Are there entertainment/diversion features?
How is an online community encouraged?
Find examples of convergence.
Give examples of the different merchandise that can be purchased.
What does the website add to the audience’s/users’ experience of the film?

Explore the official site and consider how audiences/users are encouraged to engage. Click on the word 'Godzilla '.

Key features:
  • social networking sites
  • menu bar
  • in-line video content
  • thumbnails
  • colour scheme
  • logos
  • branding
  • interactive content
  • games
  • synergy
  • genre iconography
  • hyperlinks
  • merchandise forums
  • on line communities