After initial consideration of what aspects influenced their decision to see a particular film, asking students to put what influenced them in order of importance gives a further insight into the changing world of marketing.
Social media might have a more prominent role to play in targeting and influencing the younger demographic. While traditional marketing forms such as the film trailer is still important, where and how this trailer is viewed might differ with a younger audience. Increasingly social media plays an important role in a film’s marketing. Social media is a two-way mode of communication that invites interaction and communication between audiences. []
Discussions are likely to demonstrate the fact that films today are marketed across platforms involving audiences in highly sophisticated social media campaigns. Audiences are now integrated into every stage of a film’s promotion and ultimately in the film’s success.
Innovative social media campaigns can be researched further and studied alongside the more traditional forms of film trailers [The Shorty Awards recognises innovative social media campaigns. Please turn to: is also an interesting area to research for appropriate social media campaigns for use in the classroom as wider case studies.]

Which form of marketing do you think is most effective? Explain your reasoning to the rest of the class.

Most effective

  • Trailers
  • Reviews
  • Posters
  • Magazine covers
  • Billboards
  • Social Media (Twitter, YouTube etc.)
  • Official film websites
  • TV appearances/interviews
  • Merchandise

Least effective