The place as character

Read the following opening paragraph. A character is briefly introduced at the end. Identify the adjectives used to develop the atmosphere of the place being described by clicking on the words. If you change your mind, click on a word again to deselect it.

Little swirls of dust and litter flew round the deserted playground as the warm wind picked up speed and rearranged the debris within the high walls. The school, tired and worn after loyal years of service to the town, looked ready for the imminent holidays. At the appointed time, the loud and unforgiving echoes of the bell signalled its traditional warning before the liberated students poured out of the open doors on all sides of the building. Soon, the frantic cries of girls and boys of various ages filled the stifling air before they gradually diminished and could no longer be heard. There was a painful creak of the door as I opened it and split the silence once more. The familiar comfort of that secure place made me not want to leave the school that day.

The place as character

Now, look at the list of adjectives given. Try and use as many as you can to write an opening paragraph describing a hospital. Write in the box provided and click on the adjectives to select as you wish to use them.

There is a finished example that you can view later. Every version of this will be different but you should be able to judge whether or not you have successfully described a place to leave the reader wanting to discover more.

Click on the arrow to open the list. Then click on any text to add it to the editor.

The endless rows of impatient people filled the bright waiting area. The strip lights illuminated every painful inch of the ‘Accident and Emergency Department’. The vast variety of problems on offer reflected just a normal day for the overworked staff who struggled to cope with the relentless tide of injured humanity. A patient approach was essential in dealing with worried relatives, missing equipment and the constant demands of impossible deadlines and the uncaring clock ticking away precious time into the early hours. Loud coughs and quiet conversation mixed with brave faces of people in pain and the irritated complaints of bored children wondering when they could go home. The heroic staff constantly juggled the overstretched resources to empty the seats for the next casualties.