Hooking the reader

Read the following two opening paragraphs to separate narratives. You have a collection of final sentences which are designed to leave the reader intrigued. Decide whether each sentence is:

  • appropriate for 1?
  • appropriate for 2?
  • appropriate for both?

Discuss your choices with a partner and be ready to explain why you have made your decisions.

Paragraph 1: It had been a normal day at home. My morning routine was complete in less than half an hour and I was on my way to work before eight. The sun was very bright and low on the horizon. Shielding my eyes with my hand while still holding the steering wheel, I wished that I had remembered my sunglasses. As I approached the traffic lights, I could see that the amber was about to glow so I pressed hard on the accelerator.

Paragraph 2: The house was just as I had remembered it, cold, deep red brickwork and tiles that needed repairing. I needed to visit it again to face up to my fears and try to rid myself of the thoughts that crowded my mind when my eyes were closed. Nobody could know what I knew, nobody could feel what I had felt in that place as a child. The door was open. I walked cautiously into the unlit hall and became the frightened ten-year old again. I shook myself back to the adult I had become and opened the door to the kitchen.

Appropriate for 1

    Appropriate for 2

      Appropriate for both

        Selecting 2

        Write a paragraph of approximately 80 words and end it with one of the sentences. Try and construct your paragraph in such a way that more than one of the sentences would be an appropriate hook for the reader.