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QUESTION A1: List five things you learn about Justo in these lines. (5) Teachers may want to use the Note Writing Text Tool to model how to select the relevant evidence to inform this answer or to begin modelling the answer before pupils complete it.

Justo Ansotegui's reputation rose from Guernica uphill to the village of Lumo where Maria Onati heard that he was a defender of causes and a wit, although some suggested he was too eager to create his own mythology. Most often she'd heard that he was the one to watch during the strength events on feast days. One friend claimed that he had carried an ox into the town across his shoulder and celebrated the feat by throwing the beast across the river. 'Yes', said Justo when asked about the story. 'But it was only a small ox and downhill most of the way into town. And the wind was with me when I threw it.'

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