Read the two pieces of text and find two pieces of evidence from EACH text which show why Americans should change their attitude to leftover food. Highlight the evidence and then select add to table.

Q: According to these two writers, why should Americans change their attitudes to leftover food? [4]

John Humphrys Lydia M. Child


John Humphrys Lydia M. Child
“…with enough left over for at least another family meal.” “Nothing should be thrown away so long as it is possible to make any use of it, however trifling that use may be.”
“…the Americans are the unquestioned champions of the world.” “Have all the good bits of vegetables and meat collected after dinner, and minced before they are set away; that they may be in readiness to make a little savoury mince-meat for supper or breakfast.”
“It is worth about £400 million and it costs another £50 million just to get rid of it.”
“It is shameful nonsense.”

Now you have selected some evidence to use, let’s consider what points you’re making. What does the evidence imply about why the Americans’ attitudes should change? Select your reasons from this list below. Click on the text to highlight and carry forward to the next activity or add your own!

It’s expensive to waste food.

It’s fun to use leftovers.

It’s morally wrong to waste food.

It is hard work to clear up leftovers in landfill sites.

The food the Americans leave over in a meal is enough to feed another family.

Leftovers can be used to create another meal like dinner or breakfast.

Now, using the relevant comparative terms, the writers’ names and the key words from the question, write your answer.

REMEMBER: answers should be focused with 2 ideas from each text and they should be specific to why Americans should change their attitudes towards food.

Once finished, mark your answer using the mark scheme. What band would your answer fit and why?

Mark Scheme

This question tests the ability to select and synthesise evidence from different texts.

Give 0 marks for responses where there is nothing worthy of credit.

Give 1 mark to those who make some selection of relevant detail from both texts, e.g. because Americans waste a lot that is thrown away.

Give 2 marks to those who select a range of relevant detail from both texts, e.g. Humphrys says that some food that is thrown away is enough for “another family meal” and Childs says to use leftovers for “supper or breakfast”.

Give 3 marks to those who synthesise with some understanding a range of relevant detail from both texts, e.g. it is in their own interest to stop wasting food as it will save money.

Give 4 marks to those who synthesise with clear understanding and provide an overview drawn from a range of relevant detail from both texts, e.g. both writers take a moral stance on why Americans should change their attitudes to leftover food. It is simply the right thing to do to reduce food waste.

In addition to the examples given above, other details candidates may explore or comment on could be:

  • Size of portions – large enough to feed a family
  • America is a “temple dedicated to the worship of waste”
  • Americans are the “unquestioned champions” of waste
  • Food scraps should be collected after meals
  • Waste food should be used to make supper or breakfast
  • Americans are encouraged to recycle food waste.

This is not a checklist and the question must be marked in levels of response. Look for and reward valid alternatives.