Carefully read the question in the pop up info box. Then, read the extract below and highlight what Child's views on running a household are. As the question specifically asks you for your thoughts and feelings on Child's view, you should add notes to your highlights.

The American Frugal Housewife

The true economy of housekeeping is simply the art of gathering up all the fragments, so that nothing be lost. I mean fragments of time, as well as materials. 'Time is money.' For this reason, cheap as stockings are, it is good economy to knit them. Cotton and woollen yarn are both cheap; stockings that are knit wear twice as long as woven ones; and they can be done at odd minutes of time, which would not be otherwise employed. Where there are children, or aged people, it is sufficient to recommend knitting, that it is an employment. Nothing should be thrown away so long as it is possible to make any use of it, however trifling that use may be; and whatever be the size of a family, every member should be employed either in earning or saving money. Buy merely enough to get along with at first. It is only by experience that you can tell what will be the wants of your family. If you spend all your money, you will find you have purchased many things you do not want, and have no means left to get many things which you do want. Have all the good bits of vegetables and meat collected after dinner, and minced before they are set away; that they may be in readiness to make a little savoury mince meat for supper or breakfast. Take the skins off your potatoes before they grow cold. Economy is generally despised as a low virtue, tending to make people ungenerous and selfish. This is true of avarice; but it is not so of economy. The man who is economical, is laying up for himself the permanent power of being useful and generous. He who thoughtlessly gives away ten dollars, when he owes a hundred more than he can pay, deserves no praise,— he obeys a sudden impulse, more like instinct than reason: it would be real charity to check this feeling; because the good he does maybe doubtful, while the injury he does his family and creditors is certain. It would be better to ensure that no opportunity for economy is overlooked. Use the shopping list for a family for a week to make sure nothing – food nor money – is wasted.

The American Frugal Housewife, by Lydia M. Child 1832

Now you have some ideas, let’s write an answer. From what you already know, what should you do in an AO4 Evaluate question?


  1. select supporting evidence
  2. have a clear thought or feelings associated with each piece of evidence
  3. try to have a range of thoughts and feelings across the text
  4. explain WHY you feel that way based on the evidence which supports it
  5. give an overview at the end

Now write your own answer to the question.