Watch the animation for calculating the median value and then consider the question below.

Why use this technique? Is it appropriate?

The Median is a useful calculation when you have a number of anomalies (large or small numbers in a data set) which could skew the results if you were to use the mean as a calculation. For instance if you studied the wealth of a country's population, the median is likely to indicate a figure of the earnings, closer to the majority of the people, than calculating the mean would.

Evaluate the strengths and limitations of using the median.


Strengths of Using the Median –

  • The median is a relatively easy calculation if there are an odd number of values in the set of data.
  • Anomalies (high or low numbers) won’t affect the result.

Weaknesses of Using the Median –

  • It is not possible to do any further calculations from the result.
  • Calculations can take a long time if you have a large set of data.